PC Support (2 Year for All Home Computers & Peripherals)

$349.00 (2 Year Support Plan for All home devices)
1 year support for Any software related issue to your PCs, Macbook Pro,iMac or MacBook Air, Peripherals connectivity
Covers all home computers and Peripherals
24/7 Support through Chat, Phone and Email
Highly Skilled Technician
Customer Focused and Experienced Tech
100% Satisfaction or Money back
Unlimited call or issue supported, No Cap


PC Support (2 Year for All Home Computers & Peripherals)
This plan covers All Home Computers & Peripherals for 2 Year. Old or brand new PCs, Mac, we cover them all. This 2 year support  plan will cover all issues related to your PCs, and Mac and provides with unlimited instances. We have highly skilled technician who works 24/7 and are available thorough chat and phone line.

Our PC Tech Support includes the following:

  1. Windows, macOS re-installation and configuration
  2. Fix any types of errors and problems in your PC
  3. iPod, iPad backup and restore
  4. Reset forgotten Mac admin password
  5. Airport express, Time Capsule and other router and modem configuration
  6. Printer, scanner and fax setup on PCs and Macs
  7. Security software and Firewall setup and configuration
  8. iOS Device synchronization with Mac
  9. Photos, Windows Media Player, Pogo Games, Internet explorer, Chrome, iTunes, iWork, iMovie, iCal, iMessage and other Windows and Apple’s Application support.
  10. All browsers and e-mail client software Support
  11. Virus and Spyware removal from Mac
  12. iCloud Data backup and Recovery for Mac, iPad, or iPhone
  13. Home Sharing and Networking


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